Call for entries to interested participants

1. Presenting a keynote or presentation that’s not specifically academic:

Send a mail with attached personal and professional information, title of presentation and power point copy of the presentation to or call Yinka on 08060630020 or Mayo on 07062921223.

*Note: The presentation should align with the event, its theme and sub themes.

2. Presenting a research paper or other knowledge work at the event:

Prospective paper presenters are hereby invited to make their submissions and to take following steps and measures as follows:

  1. Standard Event Language: Research papers and presentations are to be made in English
  2. Manuscripts: Must be sent only as soft copy to the email ( as hard copies wont be accepted. It must be original, concise and may or may not be peer reviewed but must be well referenced. It should not exceed 10 pages, should be typed in 12 points New Roman font on one side of A4 size paper and should be 1.5 line spaced with 2.0 line spacing between paragraphs. It should include a clearly written introduction to explain the nature of challenge it intends to proffer a solution to, previous work, purpose and contribution of paper and an appropriate conclusion that is not abstract but indeed proffers a solution or has the potential/capacity to solve the challenge(s).
  3. Title Page: Should contain the title of the paper which should not be more than 10 words; name, address and contact details of the authors(s). Paper title should be centred in bold and Times New Roman 14 pt (AC) all caps. Author’s names in bold and centred (first name, middle name (initial) and surname), leave one blank space between title and author’s name. Provide affiliation and complete mailing address of all authors. Leave one blank space between names and affiliation.
  4. Author’s Photo: A high resolution photograph (soft copy, passport style photo) should be sent alongside the research paper.
  5. Abstract:Paper should contain an abstract of not more than 200 words and should be centered across the first page and then a two column format is to be followed for the balance of the paper. Leave one blank space between address and abstract.
  6. Keywords: 5 keywords should be provided. Leave one blank space between abstract and key words
  7. Heading: All major headings should be left justified in bold Times New Roman 14 pt (AC) font. Leave two blank spaces between major headings (section).
  8. Subheading: Subheadings should be in lower case bold and left justified. Leave one blank space between subheading and text.
  9. Only diagrams and photographs of high resolution and quality will be accepted and lettering must be either computer designed or digital.
  10. Tables and Figures: Should be numbered in Arabic numeral with brief titles on top in case of tables and below in case of figures. Tables and figures must be mentioned in the text. Leave two blank spaces between the text and the table, two blank spaces between the text and figure and two blank spaces between the figure and its caption.
  11. Equations:Should be numbered in Arabic numeral (1, 2, 3…) They should be indented and right justified
  12. Quotations:Should be in standard form
  13. Symbols and Abbreviations:Should conform to International Standards
  14. Units:Should be in S.I
  15. References: All references made to earlier publications should be quoted at the appropriate positions in text and should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript under Reference. References should conform to the APA referencing Style and should be indicated in the text by author’s last name and year of publication e.g (Alpha, 2017), (Alpha et al, 2017) or Alpha (2017), Alpha et al (2017). Reference in the text should be chronologically organized starting with the earliest to the most recent.
  16. Presentation: Authors are also to prepare their papers in Power Point format for presentation at the conference.
  17. Dress code: Formal
  18. Time-frame for paper Submissions: Deadline for the sending and receipt of research papers is April 30, 2018.


*Shortlisted authors and papers that have been selected to make presentations at the event will be duly contacted. Notifications on day and time of presentation will be sent to individuals whose works have been accepted and approved for presentation at the event and subsequent publication in The Guardian Newspapers.

**The research paper and presentation may or may not be peer-reviewed, (though priority will be given first to peer-reviewed research/knowledge works and also the relevance of such research work to industry and society)

***Your research work must not be ‘isolated/abstract’ but must possess the potential as a practical invention or innovation to the creation of a new and valuable process/product/system/work/policy/service or be able to be ‘fed’ into an existing process/product/system/work/policy/service to make it more productive, efficient and effective or be able to lead to the production of something of social value.

****All submitted papers should reflect and connect to the event’s theme: Towards diversifying the economy through internally generated research and development for sustainable development & global competitiveness.