06 June 2018

About The Conference




Risks as a result of floods, fires, accidents, natural phenomena and man-made disaster result in huge loss of human life and destruction of property. A new range of man-made disasters continues to afflict humanity in modern times; terrorist activities have now been added to more classical disasters such as those due to the failure of industrial installations.

Understanding the nature of these risks to be able to develop strategies to prepare for these events and plan effective responses in terms of disaster management and the associated human health impacts.

Preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery form the crux of the components of a disaster.  Collaborative networks are also required for disaster response with interdependent relationships, sufficient complexity, use of ICT and the appropriate continuity and sustainability.


NIDEMS 2018 is structured to strategically influence niche audiences, promote good practice, share ongoing research and chart the way forward for the advancement of Disaster and Emergency Management in the West African Region, this event aims to be the region’s voice of Disaster Risk Management. It is designed to contribute to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)-a blue print for global actions in DRR.

NIDEMS 2018 will seek to cover these key areas: Disaster analysis, Health risk and disaster psychology, Multi-hazard risk assessment, Emergence preparedness, Preparedness and training, Community resilience, Risk communications, Disaster management, modelling and mitigation, Risk assessment and mitigation, Risk and security, Safety and resilience, Socio-economic issues, Learning from disasters, Case studies

Event Features:

  • Plenary Sessions, Focused Session, Panel Discussions, Exhibition

 Summit benefits

Hear: At NIDEMS2018, you will hear from reputable disaster management thought leaders and professionals.

Learn: At NIDEMS2018, you will be exposed to new knowledge, products and skills from best practices focused on emergency management challenges. Source insights from case studies on riots, bomb threats, and evacuation.

Connect: With an anticipated participation of over 200 delegates and decision-makers this year’s summit will encompass a Ministerial High-Level session, knowledge sharing and professional development sessions and social/networking sessions.

Contribute: NIDEMS2018 presents a grand opportunity for professionals in the field of disaster management and private/public sector players to demonstrate how their work can be applied through learning and exchanging new knowledge, products and skills.


Who Should Attend

NIDEMS is targeted at a diversity of sectors involved with resilience and disaster management. Delegates represent a wide range of professionals that are involved in various aspects of resilience and disaster management and is uniquely tailored for Government Authorities, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, and Officers of the Federal & State Emergency Services, Military and paramilitary organizations, Fire & Emergency Services, Emergency Response Teams of Corporate Organizations, Red Cross/Crescent, Non-Government Organizations, Academia, Policymakers, Asset Managers, Planners/Risk Assessors/Crisis and Risk Managers, Facility Managers, Insurers/ Financial Institutions, Meteorologists, Lifeguard Operations, Civil Defence Authorities, HSE Managers.


Engr. Mustapha .Y. Maihaja DG, NEMA,
Mr John Irvine MD/CEO, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions,



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